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Unleash the potential of your fleet through high-quality, heavy-duty products that are built to do more than any current options on the market.


You can count on Utemaster

At Utemaster, our focus is on crafting robust products for utes that stand the test of time and terrain. Drawing on nearly two decades of insight, our collaboration with leading Kiwi brands has honed our expertise. We design every product with the challenging New Zealand landscapes in mind, ensuring they meet the rigorous demands of both work and adventure.


World Class Quality

We are committed to being solution providers to our industry and stand behind everything that we sell."We guarantee that our quality will be right, if it's not right, we will make it right."

Our manufacturing processes have also been reviewed and endorsed by OEM.


Longevity, will it last the distance?

Utemaster tests the strength of canopies in several different ways to ensure it meets the high standards for strength, durability and safety.

This includes vibration fatigue, static load and dynamic load testing which has been endorsed by OEMs and replicates years of wear in days.

Utemaster-After Sales Repairs & Support

Nationwide Support

Utemaster fit-outs are individually serialized for meticulous tracking, this helps to provide swift replacement for damaged parts.

We carry stock of regular components, this is supported by a comprehensive CAD library for immediate manufacturing of out-of-stock items.

Our nationwide network of trained, accredited repair agents ensures any issue is promptly addressed, all managed directly by Utemaster for seamless service. With our #Fastfix program, we prioritise rapid repairs to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.


Capacity To Deliver

Utemaster has a team of over 90 staff and a purpose-built 7500m2 manufacturing facility with full in-house capabilities. We work with large fleets all over New Zealand and have the capacity to deliver the volume required.



All of Utemaster's products are manufactured from aluminium which can be recycled repeatedly without losing its properties. This makes it highly sustainable.

Although aluminium is heavier than fibreglass, it has a higher strength-to-weight ratio which allows you to achieve a greater load rating using less material. Therefore aluminium products typically weigh less than fibreglass overall and produce less waste during manufacturing.

Utemaster Fleet Solutions

Outfitting your fleet is a breeze with our versatile range of modular products, designed for easy specification and adaptation.

Check out some of the options below


Centurion Canopy

With its innovative side doors, the Centurion Canopy significantly enhances accessibility – up to 50% more than your typical canopy.

This feature transforms it into an exceptional workspace for your team, streamlining the process of loading equipment from both the sides and the back with ease.

TrailCore Service Body

For over 15 years, Utemaster has led the way in creating Service Bodies for diverse sectors like Construction, Servicing, Mining, and Electrical.

The TrailCore represents a significant innovation in Service Body design, blending cutting-edge technology with smart design to offer a flexible, modular system that adjusts as your needs change, across various vehicles. Its unmatched quality redefines industry standards.


Flat Deck & Toolbox

Harnessing the innovative technology crafted for the TrailCore body, our latest flat deck and toolbox combination offers an unparalleled fusion of storage solutions and expansive flat deck space.

A quick look at Utemaster

What do our customers say?

We look for the best equipment for our team. The Utemaster Canopy is the best all-round system that suits our needs operationally. We work in a really tough environment, salt wind and harsh sunshine so, it’s really important that we’ve got a durable canopy” 

– Brad Whittaker from Marine Rescue General Manager NSW

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